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Bill Taylor

I’d like to thank you for visiting our site and learning more about Taylored Systems. We hope you’ll find valuable information about our solutions, products and services. And to our returning customers, thanks for helping us grow Taylored Systems.



Bill Taylor was born in Kokomo, Indiana in 1951. He grew up in a farming family and, after attending Vincennes University, worked in the grain handling industry for 10 years.

In 1981, Bill decided to seek steadier, non-seasonal employment. Always interested in electricity and electronics, he approached a friend who built computers for Delco. Through this acquaintance, he was introduced to a vendor who had just landed a contract with Indianapolis Public Schools for alarms in conjunction with phone systems.

In 1982, Bill formed Taylored Systems Inc. when he was hired as a contractor for the IPS job. He was still working on the farm as well, but was hired to supervise employees working on the IPS project. Through this project, Bill found one of the cornerstones of his business model: Effective and increased communication with the customer is the best way to understand their needs and deliver the best solution.

After the project was complete, Bill contracted with Datatronics, an inter-connect in Anderson, Indiana. In the mid-80s, he then purchased a call center. Through these two companies, he made contact with Indiana Bell and helped Datatronics become a Centrex Agency, the 4th in the state. In 1986, Bill went on his own and Taylored Systems started selling 1A2key equipment and Trillium phone systems.

During this time, Taylored Systems also became a Centrex agency, the 7th in the state. Shortly after 1986, Taylored began selling Walker phones systems. At the same time, Bill took note of the movement toward phone systems growing modularly.

In 1991, through the purchase of Parmer Communications, Taylored Systems became a Toshiba Dealer.

Bill started everything he has with his own money. He has also never been afraid to try things that are not supposed to be happening, i.e. networking, softphones, etc. Through his years of hard work on the farm, he learned nothing comes easy and what you receive is directly related to the amount of work you put in.

Farming also taught him the importance of staying busy. This can easily be seen in his serial entrepreneurial ways: a telecom company, a video conferencing company, and a real estate company. Bill has always been known to not give up until an answer is found. When asked if there were times he thought the business was not going to work out, he replied “Yes, but you have to keep going and see what happens.” 

Bill has stayed in the forefront of the telecommunication industry by reading, staying informed and consulting with others in the industry. He sees the future of telecom moving towards more and more integration with computers. He sees all-in-one phone and data systems becoming more prevalent as well as SIP trunking and other converging technologies. But he also feels confident phones will not become obsolete, as they still give a sense of live communication people need to feel comfortable.

There are six success principles Bill has modeled his business around:
1. Redundancy is key.
2. Customer service is paramount.
3. Relationships are the biggest part of success, both personally and in business. They open doors and opportunities.
4. Work hard and be confident.
5. Hire good people. Don’t be afraid to hire those smarter than yourself.
6. Be involved and give back to the community.

Bill is involved in many organizations in the community. Most notable is his vice presidency of the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club of Noblesville. He first thought the club was only about kids playing sports and learning the meaning of a team. But as he gained more knowledge of its workings, he realized there were programs for children that helped not only the children but working and/or single parents. It gave the children a safe environment and encouragement to do well in school and in life. He is also involved in the Noblesville Schools Education Foundation, Hamilton County Progress Committee, Hamilton County Alliance, Chamber of Commerce, and Kiwanis Club.

Bill’s father is 79 years old. He has gone from using horses to plant seeds to using a tractor with GPS to plot the seed placement. Bill knows that kind of progress and innovation won’t ever stop. And he promises he’ll do all he can to keep Taylored Systems – and its customers – at the forefront of those changes.