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Congratulations Dean Reskevich and Greg Monts!!!

Taylored Systems would like to thank and congratulate our Cabling Project Coordinator, Greg Monts, and our VP of Installation Dean Reskevich, for completing their BICSI RCDD certification.  RCDD stands for Registered Communications Distribution Designer.  The RCDD certification is one of the most prestigous certifications in the field of voice and data cabling design.  This opens up more and larger opportunities for Taylored Systems and also provides our existing customers with added expertise.  Thanks Dean and Greg for all your hard work.  It is a well deserved accomplishment!


Register Today! Lunch and Learn Featuring Zultys

Wednesday, January 27th, Taylored Systems will be hosting a Lunch and Learn for our current and prospective customers featuring our newest IP based phone system solutions by Zultys. If you have a VoIP system today and want to find out what is new or if you have been hesitant to make the jump, please join us for a lunch and learn discussion.  Also visit our demo room page to see a short demo of the Zulty's PC integration piece, MXIE.  Please call your Taylored representative or contact us at 317-776-4000 to reserve a space and join us for lunch and discussion. 


Bill Taylor appointed to the Noblesville Chamber Board

Recently Bill Taylor was appointed to the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce Board.  Bill says he looks forward to what he can get accomplished while serving his term.  Bill has a strong feeling about the chamber and its importance to community.  He feels its importance does not lie as another way to spread the news of a business, but a way a business can give back to the community and become involved.  Please join us in congratulating Bill.


Taylored Systems Welcomes Axis Communications and Amano, Inc.





Taylored Systems is proud to announce our latest manufacturer partnerships.  After significant research, testing, and analysis; Taylored has selected Amano, Inc. for door access control and Axis Communications for video surveillance products.  

This is an exciting time in the life cycle of both of these technologies as they make the shift to IP based products.  IP solutions offer a more cost effective, easily managed, networkable solution; it is a reason to review and update your old systems.  These new solutions are utilized to promote employee safety and training functions, time and presence management, and security.


Come See the Taylored booth and breakout session at HECC!

Taylored Systems is please to announce we will be hosting a breakout session this year at HECC.  The breakout session will be on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.  We will generate some questions to determine if your school corporation can continue to function in the event of a setback.  Please come see us Friday 11/13/09 at 1:30.  Also stop by our booth located in the main room for more info about Taylored Systems and how we can lend a helping hand. 



Bosma and Taylored Partnership makes news

Bosma Enterprises of Indianapolis, Indiana, is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people who are blind or visually impaired by creating opportunities that lead to the achievement of each individual’s employment, economic, social and self-determining goals.

When Bosma needed to improve its business telephone communications, it turned to Noblesville, Indiana-based Taylored Systems, an Authorized Toshiba Dealer for 25 years.

Please click on the link below to read this story and find out more information on the solution.


Register now for Lunch and Learn on BDR.

Taylored Systems will be hosting a Lunch and Learn for our current and prospective customers featuring our BDR (Back up Disaster Recovery) solutions. Whether your are curious about business continuity and stand-by server options, looking for help to evaluate if your current Disaster Recovery plan is solid, or are concerned by the length of time required to restore your system after a server or tape drive crashes, join us for a lunch and learn discussion. Please call your Taylored representative or contact us at 317-776-4000 to reserve a space and join us for lunch and discussion.  


Taylored Helps Habitat for Humanity

On May 16, 2009, the Taylored Systems family came together to help a local Noblesville, Indiana family realize their dream of home ownership by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Ten Taylored employees volunteered to do some good old fashioned construction work despite the rain  and mud. Our employees helped with the roofing, soffit & siding portions of the project. We also had a very successful company bake sale to raise the proceeds to provide lunch for all of the hard working volunteers from the community. It was a great experience for all of us who participated, and it was great to see the deserving family working right along side with the Taylored team. The house is coming along nicely, and should be ready to move in any day now.






Indy Star Highlights Bill Taylor

Recently Bill Taylor, founder and president of Taylored Systems, was highlighted in the Indianapolis Star's technology section. It was a part of their "My Big Break" series. The article explains how Bill has continued successfully through 38 years of business, both before Taylored Systems and currently. It gives insight into what drives Bill and a snapshot into his accomplishments. Please take a few minutes to read the article and learn a little bit more about the person who we, here at Taylored Systems, admire and respect.

The article is posted here:

From working in the grain storage business to establishing telecommunications and Internet service companies, I've been fortunate enough to have more than one big break in my career.

My first was being born to Quaker parents on a farm in Russiaville, just west of Kokomo.

I started my first job in 1971. At the grain storage company, we automated the process from putting the grain into a large tank to sending it to the grain dryer to then transporting dry grain to a storage bin to be held until it was sold and shipped off the farm. By 1978, I had moved to Noblesville to run a satellite office for that same company. As much as I enjoyed the work, it was extremely seasonal, so in 1982, I began looking for something a little more stable.

In 1982, the telephone industry went through deregulation, which presented a golden opportunity. I started Taylored Systems that June.

My first job, automating grain storage, turned out to be valuable because it allowed me to learn firsthand that applying technology can achieve greater efficiency -- in any endeavor. Whatever the application, I love technology. I love to learn about new technology, and I love to see how it can be applied to help companies become more economically feasible and successful.

Our first big break as Taylored Systems came in 1986 when we landed a contract with Indiana Bell (later Ameritech) to sell its Centrex service. Centrex allowed workers in different buildings to communicate by phone by dialing a simple three- or four-digit number. That technology was an important steppingstone for us to grow into other areas of the telecommunications business -- and the Internet.

I invested in an Internet company in 1994, near the beginning of that medium's explosive growth. At first, we provided a place for residential customers to dial in using a modem. Soon we were bringing the Internet into businesses and schools on dedicated circuits. In 2000, I sold my interest in that company and purchased ground in the Noblesville Business Park, which is now part of the larger corporate campus.

Looking back, I have learned that success comes from keeping your eyes open for opportunities that appear around you every day. You have to be able to recognize and take advantage of them, while also understanding that sometimes success doesn't just happen overnight or just because you were there at the right time or because you want it. There's always hard work that goes along with it.

Some of my core values, and hence the company's, go back to things I learned early in life from people who influenced me: Focus on customers and serving them in the best possible way. Stand for integrity. Do excellent work. Be open to new ideas and people. Respect others.

One of the biggest things for me, though, is community. As a businessperson and a human being, I know that the community has supported me, and I need to take the time to give back.

Now, nearly 40 years after starting my first job, farming is still my hobby. It has also led to my success in the telecommunications field. And now that knowledge has come full circle.

---- By Bill Taylor



Taylored Systems welcomes Cornell Signaling & Intercom Systems.

Taylored Systems is pleased to announce a partnership with Cornell Signaling & Intercom Systems. Cornell has been providing low voltage signaling systems for over 30 years. Cornell is an industry leader in Nurse Call, Door Monitoring, Rescue Assistance, Pocket Paging Systems and Wireless Emergency Call.  The Taylored / Cornell partnership will bring an additional level of product offerings to the Taylored Customers and allow the Taylored team to continue to serve as the “one point of contact” for our customer’s business communication needs.


Taylored Systems and Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to making sure seniors and shut-ins are provided with nutritious food. In Hamilton County alone, between 155 – 170 people need to have their meals delivered to their homes to avoid going hungry. Taylored Systems has signed up with Meals on Wheels to provide these meals to shut-ins around the Cumberland Road area of Fishers and Noblesville. Beginning in December of 2008, our employees have been donating their lunch hour two Mondays each month to pick up between 8 – 10 meals from Riverview Hospital and distribute them to the people on this particular route. The meals consist of a hot lunch and a cold dinner for each person so they will have food for the rest of the day.

To get involved with this worthy organization, two of our employees – Sarah Smith and Tom O’Brien – signed up for a ‘trial run’. They were approved as delivery people by Meals on Wheels and given a map outlining their assigned route. Riverview Hospital in Noblesville provides the food and coolers, which volunteers load into their vehicle. It’s a simple process, but makes a world of difference to the people who depend on organizations like Meals and Wheels to keep from going hungry. The employees at Taylored Systems are proud to volunteer their time for such a worthwhile endeavor.


Taylored Systems Community Project

Each year, the Taylored Systems employees gather together as a team to work on one of their community projects during the holiday season. This past year, they collected monetary contributions for a needy family. Through their efforts, they made a difference in the life of a less fortunate Hamilton County family by purchasing clothing and toys for each of their children for Christmas. Hopefully, this brought a smile of relief to a family who is having a hard time making ends meet during this difficult economic time.