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Voice Documentation

A voice document captures a digital copy of telephone calls for users to comment upon, share, and retain. In today's world, we document most everything for future reference. However, most communication is done over the phone and those conversations are not normally recorded and documented.

Voice documentation solutions work with leading business communications platforms to provide organizations with the tools they need to manage risks, preserve customer satisfaction, and overcome business performance challenges.  Voice documentation can help oversee training and customer relations as well as help settle disputes by providing evidence that normally would not be in existence. Also, the voice documentation software has an Outlook-style interface, which simplifies implementation and training.

• Ability to highlight, annotate and share select portions of a call recording 

• Selective call recording, allowing only desired extensions to be monitored 

• Call visualization, which displays all activity that occurred during a call 

• Security permissions that provide discrete access to the entire call recording, or just a select segment 

• Playback via encrypted media file streaming for a high level of security 

• Flexible call recording connectivity options, including IP station side, trunk side, digital station side and VOX recording 

• One-click installation and upgrade of technology for faster, simpler deployment